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Interior design is the starting point of any quality project. I work alongside each individual client to create a cohesive, attractive look for their space that suits both their style and functionality. I am here to provide guidance with everything from hard finishes (such as flooring, tile or paint selection), decorative finishes (such as lighting, hardware and plumbing fixtures), to furniture and décor sourcing.

Design mood board



Aside from your wedding, and possibly paying for a medical degree, your home is one of the biggest purchases and investments you will ever make in your life. It is also the space where you spend the majority of your day. So we think a better question is, “Why ISN’T it important to work with a designer” because you’ll have a harder time coming up with a justifiable answer to that version of the question!

A designer has devoted their career to becoming efficient, creative and skilled with home renovations and design elements. This is an asset in any home renovation project, small or large, because it builds in efficiencies, eliminates errors, provides confidence to clients and all affiliated trades, incorporates elevated design selections and utilizes other trade connections for other added benefits such as trade pricing and shared discounts.

Picture this: your car broke down and needs some serious repair. Would you do all sorts of research on your own and plan the whole car repair on your own, directing the mechanics on things you really don’t know much about? Well, that’s pretty much what happens when you choose to work without a designer. You make decisions on your own, typically with very little experienced knowledge, and try to manage other trades within a setting that you are unfamiliar with.

With one of your largest purchases and investments in your life, you should trust the experts and bring in the best to help you!

Tile flat lay Tile samples


A compilation of some of my recent design projects.
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