Bedframe Roundup

Once my boyfriend and I decided to move in together we knew we needed to invest in a new bedframe. His bedframe was a cheapy little metal platform bedframe that was broken in 3 spots... we were due for an upgrade! He has a king mattress though so we knew that one would take priority for our sleeping arrangements. I have a Queen bed in my primary bedroom but I had plans to move it up into The Copper Flat Airbnb so the whole "move in plan" was perfect.
Making the bed Gold bedframe
So over the past couple of months, I have been searching for the glass slipper of bedframes. Something that screams CGP but is also tame enough that Tyler would feel at home with it too. One thing I learned throughout my hunt: bedframe prices vary DRASTICALLY. But so does quality. We decided to invest a little more than I'm used to because we wanted to make sure we were committing to something that wouldn't break within the first year (like his old one *eye roll*).
After finding a few of my favourites, I was nervous to show him to get his approval on one. To my surprise, his response was "get whatever you want hunny". SO I DID! I ordered it on May 1st and it finally got delivered yesterday. I've included it in my "favourites round up" below... can you guess which one we got? 

Bedframe roundup

 1. Article Lenia $1449

 2. Hudson Bay Kode Keifer $1199

3. Structube Jenson $899

4. Mobilia Elvan $2377

5. CB2 Miri $1899

6. Urban Barn Impero $1299

7. Mobilia Waluca $2099

8. Wayfair Burglind $520

9. Structube Albi $600

10.CB2 Frame Canopy $1199

11. Wayfair Ashe Tufted $2129

12. Sundays Cloud $1990

13. Endy Solid Wood $1500

14. Hudson Bay South Shore $585

15. Loblaws Walker Edison $678

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It’s gotta be 4, 11 or 5! But so many nice ones on the list, can’t go wrong with any of them!

Steph Atchison

7 or 4 or 5

Dana Bolton

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