Egg Chair Roundup

Every summer I find myself craving an update in my back yard. The first summer involved a full paint job of the back additions to the house. The second summer involved a DIY patio couch and staging. Last summer was focused on landscaping. Now this summer I'm pulling it all together by painting the fences, cleaning up the landscaping and possibly building a new fire pit area! We told ourselves we didn't want to spend our WHOLE summer in renovation mode so we want a little oasis of our own to escape to. 
One of the big updates I wanted to make back here was furniture. When I built my DIY patio couch, I was doing so because I couldn't afford to purchase anything new. In case you didn't know... patio furniture is expensive ya'll! So for the past year I've been saving up to be able to splurge on one new patio piece this year. You know what that piece is? The egg chair! 
I ended up going with this one from Home Depot because I loved the cushions and the black accents on the legs. I also knew that I wanted to be able to test it out first before purchasing and a lot of the online ones were strictly that: online. I loved the Lowes one too but it was a bit bigger and although it would make for some awesome cuddle naps, it wouldn't fit the small patio pad that we have. 
Backyard patio
I rounded up all of the cool ones I came across in my hunt so if you're also getting the itch to spoil yourself with a patio gift this summer, start here! 
Egg chair roundup
1. Bed Bath & Beyond $525
2. Walmart $398
3. Canadian Tire $450
4. Wayfair $1179
5. Loblaws $386
6. Home Depot $438
7. Asom $690
8. Lowes $500
9. Wayfair $670
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