Speaker Roundup

Everyone needs a cool speaker. I don't care who you are, but you do. I prefer vintage or retro looking ones, but there are lots of cool options! 

I have a retro-looking one made by Victrola but they no longer make it! 

record player and speaker corner in livingroom


Someone saw this photo of me on my Instagram page and asked for a link to my speaker. Unfortunately since it is no longer sold I wasn't able to pass one on to her BUT I ended up down a sourcing rabbit hole as a result! I figured I should share the handful of cool speakers I found in case you are in the market for one! 

Speaker Roundup

1. Crosley Mid-Century Modern Bluetooth Speaker $133

2. Victrola 4-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player $158

3. Victrola Retro-Wood Radio and Bluetooth Speaker $80

4. Audio-Technica Automatic TurnTable $287

5. LoopTone Radio and Bluetooth Speaker $55

6. LoopTone Radio and Bluetooth Speaker $55

7. Marshall Portable Bluetooth Speaker $480

8. Edifier Bluetooth Speaker $200

9. Pottery Barn Harry Potter Speaker $149


Female walking past livingroom media wall


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