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Boy oh Boy the opportunities that come with a BLOG now!! I get giddy just thinking about all of the fun tutorials and product round ups that I can do now that I have a platform that supports more detail! I already have a pretty good stash of blog ideas but I really want to hear from you! What kind of resource are you looking for from me? 

If you have any recommendations, please add them as a comment on this blog post!

Can't wait to start creating <3

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The crisp lime technique! I always want to share with people who don’t have Instagram 😂

Sandy Anger

Your DIY tutorials are always so straightforward and insightful! I always look forward to those! The website looks great. Congratulations!

Tanieka Harris

Tips in how to style and hang the wicker baskets on a wall would be amazing! 🙌🏻Congratulations!

Jen Wells

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